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“We are here to answer any questions you have”

It’s time to reveal our “secrets”! We are going to answer your most frequently asked questions, with nostalgic style full of love.


The reason for Kyriaki and her business about the handmade creations that mainly concern women’s bags.


What does Borse mean, how did she learn how to handle the loom, and why does she prefer it to her creations? Let’s get to know it!


Kyriaki Kalligerou


I have paid tribute to women that when they face a creation I want to see the enthusiasm in their eyes



What does “Borse” mean?

Once upon a time, many Italians lived on our island, the acoustics of the Italian language is nostalgic, as we also have Italian roots. Borse means “bags” in Italian language.


Why loom? How did the loom develop?

I learned the art of the loom when i was a little girl. The loom that I have and I preserve was made in 1910 for my great grandmother. Three generations back!


Did you learn the art from your mother?

I remember when i was a little kid i was with my grandmother on the loom, she was weaving and I was playing. My mother and grandmother taught me the art.


What does inspire you to make a creation?

Because I live with my family in Kythira, a walk in the sea inspires me.


Is it a difficult art? Do you encounter difficulties in creating your products?

I will admit that it is a relatively difficult art, and sometimes some projects are difficult, but with perseverance and love we manage it.


How much time do you spend on the loom?

I spend all of my life! Endless hours in the lab, preparing my products and trying to capture the pulse of the season. I have paid tribute to women that when they face a creation I want to see the enthusiasm in their eyes.


What is the basis of your creation?

We start with the warp that without it, it’s impossible to weave and depending on what I want to make, I will also use the corresponding material. Pieces of leather dyed in all colors to make bags. Cotton yarn and sheep wool given to us by the producers and we process it and make it either carpets or handbags.


Has the loom differences from the old to the present days? What has changed over the years?

I’ve just kept the loom that my mother gave me, I have not changed anything, neither from materials nor how I weave. In the course of time, weaving has evolved, we have created electric arms but I have kept the art as I found it.


Is the process of creation lonely or with a company like old?

It’s lonely and sometimes with companies. In the summer I offer free weaving lessons to the tourists of all the nationalities who visit the island (Italians, French, Czechs, Australians, etc.) In the winter students from school visit our lab and we learn them the art of the loom.


What is your goal in the coming years Kyriaki?

My goal is people don’t forget this art. Loom was very important , housewives in the old days made from underwear to carpets in order to warm their home. I want to honor the place I was born and grew up. It woyld be nice, all to learn about one of the most ancient arts , the weaving!



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  1. Jean Tuttle

    I am doing genealogy research on a Nicholas Carlon who says he was born in Greece in 1898. His World War I Registeration Card shows Place of Birth as (Bosre, Bosa or Boso) Greece. Can’t tell exactly what the spelling is. You say the island has a lot of Italians and that Bosre means Bags in Italian. Was there a town or village named Bosre, Bosa or Boso. Any help would be appreciated.

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