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KytheraKythira are known as the island of Aphrodite. They are located in southern Greece and they are one of the most popular summer destinations. They have beautiful sights that impress every visitor, as well as enchanting beaches with crystal blue waters. Contributing to the reputation of the island is also that there is no alteration in the old settlements.

Undoubtedly anyone who visits the island of Kythera is impressed by its natural beauty and wishes to visit it frequently. Kythera disposes tourist shops with local products, restaurants and taverns with unique tastes, breathtaking sceneries and beaches organized and not for summer dives. It combines quality, quietness and comfort. As far as the accommodation is concerned, there are hotels and luxury apartments, up to smaller apartments at economical prices.


Kythera can be visited by anyone who is seeking tranquility, serenity, relaxation and endless blue under the sun’s rays.

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